Our purpose to be defined

Highly essential in his creation
United by our mind of conspiracy
Managerial attitude at our disposal
Assumptions of our existence is our purpose Night is the most loved

Buried minds because of fear of stories
Examples for our past and future generation
In-depth of knowledge is from him
Nothing can stop our rain of curses
Gone at those days where we believed our future generation

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Failure of the failed failure

Commoners don’t believe your prophecies
Onward lookers are now our only source of hope
Night is what everybody prays for
Supremacy and sovereignty of our saviour is for the elders alone
Time to sleep is what we all wait for
In our dreams we all want to remain
Time to wake up is a disease to the commoners
United in our race for our dreams
Title of our dreams is democratically chosen
International aids back us up with machinery
Over zealous maid gave birth to all our success
Nothing we can do at this point.

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True thought

V’s thinking was hilarious but genuine
It was visible that the ants could smell it
Then it dawned on me
As the night programme came close to an end
Seeing the presentation of our “compatriots”
Moving everybody’s fingers against their palms
Not that the movement was genuinely chosen
But the weight of it was the originator
The sound of it was claiming my thought
See me weeping
Where this came from
I couldn’t fathom
See, see, See
Let’s come back to this later on
That isn’t the topic of discussion here
I have written three long poems in my head
This fingers crossing has stopped
The program has come to an end
My thought is back to me
I remembered paradis lost
Then it dawned on me
Heaven’s roleplay is angelic evil
Playing on our sorrowful minds
Toying with our unknown destiny
Making unfavorable stories of our existence
He knows us before we were conceived
Why does he now make this happen?
Our question to the Christians
Whenever they get this
Give heven the needed response
That is all he ask
Not that he is not one
Really, we all try to give explanations for this
No one true story can we hold
Science taking advantage of our disagreement
Bringing up unknown talks
Showing resourceless theoretical views
Just to become known among our generation
This is our response to them
Nodding our heads and as our fingers taps
Finally came our golden silence
That was our high priced gift to them
Their view we didn’t want to hear
But what choice did we have
Finally came the great minds
The poets are steady
Combing both the science and religious view
Making it all graciously whole
Well, what do we think in the first instance
They are our david in the face of Saul and Goliath
They all say write without this that
Talk without that this
Their illiteracy is glorious
Culture and religion our engine in a vehicle
Is science views now the established one?
You can’t take away our culture and religion
Our life all surrounds these two things
What else do you cowards delve for
His downfall was at birth
The moment he picked up his pen
He became the master of his and your coward minds
What do you still want to follow
Be quick with this
Our salvation is finally here.

My story

Don’t be too thoughtless with just one version of the story
behaving like the Christians will not benefit us
their assumption is what led us to this
don’t still get me wrong
faith is still what is preached
Am also faulty in this
my point is
my whole life as been guided by grace
not that i don’t try to think otherwise 
but my choice is rather slim and countless 
the popular story is Am proud
in my defense 
Everyman is allowed to show his pride
that really isn’t my defense
I Am born cold
what other choice do I have here
can’t you see heaven’s roleplay  in this
all I pray to you is
open your eyes…
Am not your jesus christ
my loyalty rest solely on my pride
that is my leverage against you
my demons I can give to you
but my pride I won’t loose
that is basically what made me human
on a second thought
why am I not allowed to be proud?
who was David after he became d king of Israel?
but still our supreme being loved him dearly
A man after God’s own heart
but then am still the bad person
now I really don’t care
report me to ur supreme being
And I will give my justified account of my story.

Why are we running?

When we all look back at our live
We discover there are the good and bad times
But fail to admit that the bad are really disturbing
And the good are graciously not up to standard
We disagree and agree that life as its plans for us
We don’t have a one sided decision about this
See its play in this
Life has judged us in its own way
Not caring about what the outcome will be
What remedy do we now have?
Our goal is almost coming to an end
Our desperation is reaching a sky high
Our story, what the future generation will dwell on
Now, we are being taken back
Our generation is to thank
Rewritten the faults of our past and future
Our future has a way out now 
Still this is the question
Why are we running?

Now, even in my sleep
This is what comes up
Disturbing my glorious and lovely rest
Why are we running?
Don’t have a mind of an agreeable being
But this is all I can say
Commoners don’t believe in your heroic future
None of your past present will we follow
Acts of disdain we all have
You have played a role in our destruction
History will tell of your commendable roleplay 
Time will remember your misfortune on our existence

What still comes up is
Why are we running?
Our minds moves in different direction
Trying to run and escape the flogging of the upcoming war
When the question replays itself
Our deities are present during this time
Waiting to feed on our replies 
Our daemons are making glorious gestures about us
Answers to this is still not definite
But heaven is not helping
Mother earth has abandoned us
Frustrated with heaven and its roleplay in this
It was never our choice
Heaven is the sole originator of this
Our decisions never count
Our only hope is to continue running
Death will be the end of of the race.


This is our last defeat
Our victory is long gone
Death is the only option for us
Moving the surface of our land we left behind
Nobody to guide our future generation
So our founders thought
We have toured the entire universe
Seen the making of the unpredicted accidents
Replayed our heroic defeat
There was no lament
The future glory of our defeat we saw and determined
Our defeat has laid a new untapped glorified foundation for them
We were mischiefs
Seen by our future generation
The story has not favoured us
Our legendary act has become cowardice
They only forgot
Our coward act is what they act on
We determined our death and defeat
Our sole purpose was achieved
We were blacks
We are blacks
Any mistake made
Offering their prayers to us will be essential
Their prayers will be congressed by us
They are our kin
Our blood who we were defeated on their behalf
To have a place by our undeniable owned eternity
Our daemons are with you
This is the word of V.