From your forefathers down to your father
I have always been the good one
Why must you ever look at me like a servant?
I can no longer be like the heaven to my country
I have finally become the Lucifer and his angels
I can no longer be the angel Michael who was to
Brave to use the blood of the lamb
When will I regain my angelic way?
When will I regain my heaven?
It cannot and must not be the last day
Let us return to our victory
I am my own David
Am looking for Goliath?
Oh! You have actually presented yourself as that
Do you remember those sweet words?
“My plans for you are for good and not for evil”
I was too faithful not to realize it was all
A truth to get me on bed
I did things with all my life just to please you
I took risk that even the angles could not take
I was sent out of the glory days after that
Let’s make a toast
Listen up to my diabolical like speech
I will regain my seat
I will be like the sky
No joke i am the best of our creator’s making

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