The birth of my pride

Yes …
Yes …
Yes …
Yes …
What do you think is happening here
Why all the smiles and joy in your face
Don’t think am giving you an answer.
something really ordinary came up in my head
It’s the worst have come up with it though
But mind you
It’s the best you will ever come up with
If you are going to come up with any
Do you mind If I share it with you
There is absolute nothing to be ashamed of
I promise
I promise …
you will really be amazed at my superiority as a being
Cast your fears and worries for I will be there to solve it
Just listen to me, will you?
Don’t get me annoyed.


My naija, my pride

Meekly and gently we grew separately.
Year in Year out.

None of this matters any longer.
Appraised by our elders and youths.
Into our selfless act brought upon us by the elders.
Jealous by these elders is what surprises me.
Appalled our youths to bid to our tidings.

Mysterious in its own unique ways.
Year in Year out.

Popularly known in its town and state.
Ridiculed mostly by its kindred.
Inspiration nonetheless to the youths.
Dominated its peers and youths is its achievement.
Equal to the task always