The wrong ideologies of our preachers
what they say to make us feel what we feel
but what can we do about that
ideologies however are meant to be objective
to be proved but subjectively for our minds to be conquered
even Plato was never this dogmatic
but still our consent was initially obtained
we are not fourteen in the eyes of the law
our children  are suffering this because of us
you shall not depart from my words
I was happy when they said unto me let us go into the house of the lord
what they used  to obtain our consent
this is fraudulent in the eyes of the law
even Jesus said he hasn’t come to erase the Mosaic law
then our action will stand
my soul the originator of this
any of which Heaven or Hell awaits me
That I will accept in good faith
Faith has come again
this is my assurance
Heaven Hell protect me both

just for the mind to delve on


My Reality

Myself and I didn’t understand what we said.
This is not where the confusion comes in.
Our tradition or our religion
Our culture or our civilization
This is the confusion
Really, we are not here to delve on that
This is my salvation
There is my redemption
Let’s prepare a banquet for this
It’s going to hold in the sanctuary
High up is our prayers been taken to
All our confusion believes that
Oh! Sorry
Does civilization out rightly do
Unto the mighty do we seek our deliverance
Surely nothing has come out of it
Let’s be upright to the nothing we see.

New life

Moving forward like we never did before
Our service to failure have we ended
Insured of our new life in total success
Success, here we come with our pledge
Our service to you, like non other
Broken our ties with the outer world
Cheers to our new beginning
This is to our master
How great is thy victory on a lost soul
Let’s party to our eternal success


Awesome in its own generous and benevolent way
Increased power in its advancement for all success
Redeeming touch its glorious profound solution

Wobbling is not in its nature
Accurately impatience by its behavioral pattern
Togetherness in causing anguish to the unbehaved
Eagerly awaiting the outcome of its prescribed punishment
Riches is however not out of its site

Ferocious in its manner of dealing
Irresistible to a coward heart
Rational in awarding its punishment
Equating thy punishment is for the gods

Egomaniac is not in its blood
Action ready after careful examination
Reaction after examination out of this world
Today we conquer who is on our path
Heaven shower us your blessings

In the gutter

Infant love gave them up for what will be the upcoming urban legend.
Nothing really important happened.

Tenaciously they waited to see the reality
Heaven has abandoned their infant love
Earth is making a tale out of them

Gathered in a special place to make it specific
Uttered the words to each other hearings
Together they rose and fell
These was what brought the creator to their heart
Exacerbated to be what will become forgotten
Readily I will be like them.