As the day arrived in a blink of an eye
Everything seemed to go according to plan
Moving in and out as was layed out the previous date
Law of motion was explained perfectly by this
My thinking was booting
My soul has come back from his errand
Yes,I said my soul
He is my trusted errand boy
My protector in my unconscious state
My confidant in my conscious state
The being that fights my battle
My Plato and David during my period of distress
He is my Alexandra the great during my stay in the comfortable world

just for the mind to delve on


You Said Goodbye

In a brief thought of my subconscious mind
I truly deserve you
Even as a goddes of beauty that you are
I became a god the moment you said “I love you”
Reality is you can’t be a god by loving a goddes
My mortal self still reflected my inadequacies
That wasn’t a good image for the throne
Looking from down the earth to the throne is enough for my mortal being
Knowing my life wasn’t a waist of brilliance
I will love you when I become a god
Keep the throne for me.