Listen up everyone

lets salute our inordinate father of no Child
he who has a mind which no one has ever seen
in history or in future
this we can graciously say amen to
he knows what goes on in everybody’s mind
the thought you have
well, so he claims
but nobody to corroborate his attestation
make himself god who has no good in heart
he is the replica of the good Samaritan
so the world thinks
not until in one of his journey
taking his son on the glorious walk through life
relating to him through his psychic ability
This he claims no one can ever rival
and here it comes
help me father?
I know you can hear my prayers
and his response, the most hilarious in history
tears rolls down his saviour’s cheek
the pain in that response made him the weakest on earth and in heaven
guess what my people?
I am that man whom was his saviour
and the man you all fear returns from his journey no more.


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