Why are we running

When we all look back at our live
We discover there are the good and bad times
But fail to admit that the bad are really disturbing
And the good are graciously not up to standard
We disagree and agree that life as its plans for us
We don’t have a one sided decision about this
See its play in this
Life has judged us in its own way
Not caring about what the outcome will be
What remedy do we now have?
Our goal is almost coming to an end
Our desperation is reaching a sky high
Our story, what the future generation will dwell on
Now, we are being taken back
Our generation is to thank
Rewritten the faults of our past and future
Our future has a way out now
Still this is the question
Why are we running?

Now, even in my sleep
This is what comes up
Disturbing my glorious and lovely rest
Why are we running?
Don’t have a mind of an agreeable being
But this is all I can say
Commoners don’t believe in your heroic future
None of your past present will we follow
Acts of disdain we all have
You have played a role in our destruction
History will tell of your commendable roleplay
Time will remember your misfortune on our existence

What still comes up is
Why are we running?
Our minds moves in different direction
Trying to run and escape the flogging of the upcoming war
When the question replays itself
Our deities are present during this time
Waiting to feed on our replies
Our daemons are making glorious gestures about us
Answers to this is still not definite
But heaven is not helping
Mother earth has abandoned us
Frustrated with heaven and its roleplay in this
It was never our choice
Heaven is the sole originator of this
Our decisions never count
Our only hope is to continue running
Death will be the end of of the race.



As I pierced my sword through the wilderness
I came to a sad realization about my Goliath
But that was all a misconception about my moses and Joshua
Your age was a glamorous Barak
Your beauty was that of great Esther
Your brilliance was a beautiful battle of Israel and Philistine
Your eloquence was a glorious land of Israel
All showed your victory as a born Solomon
But your ego, I can’t dare to David
I distanced myself because of my Saulish behavior
I shadowed my ego because of my Samsonite heritage
All thanks to my quick realization about my Deborah
Even my Jonah thought still haunts me
All because I don’t want to end up like Jonathan