In this life that is filled with highs and low

We were bought into this magnitude and glorious country

Always a giant slayer in all ramification

Our race was all encompassing

With all shades of black known and unknown

Brave to the point of death

Zealous even in the face of defeat

A mother so blessed that its insecurities are too visible it blinds her children’s aspirations

Our desperation is conditioned to our philosophy

Our ailment can only be cured by our vultured and not so enigmatic culture

Our disturbed past never laid foundation for us

They erected the building on a sloppy rock

So sad how we are enjoying their misrepresentation of fortune or wealth

So optimistically pessimist to the things that occur in our environ

We will keep on fighting as to leave a trace of our battled thoughts in history

Only not to be appreciated by our masters

Why this era of great failures in all ramifications?

Failures not as educational failures

But failure as beings of the highest grade of pottery

Our deamons are to be released as to block our prayers from the path of the angels

But angels are never responsible to our request as we are all condemned for being blacks

Only question that remains to be answered is

Why are we left alone in this cruel environ to fend for ourselves from the beautiful and evil phoenix

Knowing fully well how great our enemies are

How it goes on its own conquest riding on the wind’s infallible wings

Our deities are never as powerful as theirs

We will never back down

We will soar high in our defeat

We will appreciate ourselves in our defeats

Our defeat, not yours


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