Our greatness will be discussed

On a round table by our enemies

Even our future generations will give them hands

Only to be defeated once again

All because of their arrogance

And unbelief in our acts of bravery

We remain undefeated in the face of Alexandra the great

Forgetting that we are the David of our time

The Alexandra of their generations

The Solomon of our past

We made them the believers of our prophetic parades

They become our Saul and Jonathan

Their victories will become a facade

Their defeat will be disgraceful

All because we are the undisputed

The undefeated

We are the generation of the past, the present, the future

All fused together to become the blacks

We brought in every shades of colour

And made it into a beautiful and songed colours of generations to come

We are the deamons of your entire self and generations

We are your shadow..


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