Our existence in this world of differences

Differences that makes us who we are nonetheless

Beautiful, fruitful, painful, antagonising

That is what these differences are

These differences that completes our life cycle

These differences that turns us into our own angels and demons

In its’ unfairness and fairness

Well, what few of us think

But never really questioned the sole purpose of this existence

It has been generally unfair

Life questioning has been abandoned by fear

In our so called existence

In your so called existence

In my so called existence

What will happen after the questioning

It’s still life that gives us our reply

Pleased or not with it

We are still under its web

Damned us into its own choice of punishment

That which we are not ready to accept

Well, that is one definition of humans

I became a god when i asked question

I became my own angel and demon when i provided an alternative

My punishment, i am ready to receive in good faith

That is why i am not just human but a god


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