This is our last defeat
Our victory is long gone
Death is the only option for us
Moving the surface of our land we left behind
Nobody to guide our future generation
So our founders thought
We have toured the entire universe
Seen the making of the unpredicted accidents
Replayed our heroic defeat
There was no lament
The future glory of our defeat we saw and determined
Our defeat has laid a new untapped glorified foundation for them
We were mischiefs
Seen by our future generation
The story has not favoured us
Our legendary act has become cowardice
They only forgot
Our coward act is what they act on
We determined our death and defeat
Our sole purpose was achieved
We were blacks
We are blacks
Any mistake made
Offering their prayers to us will be essential
Their prayers will be congressed by us
They are our kin
Our blood who we were defeated on their behalf
To have a place by our undeniable owned eternity
Our daemons are with you
This is the word of V.


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